The AMS Group Technology Division represents, partners and distributes for OEM’s operating within the defense and security markets. The AMS Group Technology Division is comprised of four individual companies offering a comprehensive approach to sales and market development, system design, integration, installation and support.

Technology Group Focus


Northern Defense Industries provides integrated security solutions for maritime, energy and critical infrastructure applications:

  • Specialist in system design, integration, testing and support
  • Technology agnostic - ‘Best of Breed’ sensor integration
  • Design and develop systems for air, land, sea and subsea surveillance and interdiction
  • Extensive experience both in the US and overseas
  • Operates in permissive, semi-permissive and austere coastal and littoral environments
  • Through life system support and maintenance
  • Remote and onsite technical assistance/troubleshooting

H-Scientific H-Scientific, Inc. develops innovative technology for air, surface and subsurface environments:

  • Autopilot Technology;
    • Autonomous Unmanned Vessels
    • Unmanned Undersea Vehicles
    • Unmanned Surface Vessels
    • Unmanned Aerostat Systems
  • Dynamic Simulation;
    • Ship simulation
    • Surface, air and subsurface
    • Modeling and design
    • Training Systems
  • Navigational Instruments and Telemetry