AMS Group is a cohesive group of established companies providing innovative technologies and equipment with a full range of integrated logistics support services to US and international customers in the defense and security markets. AMS Group has a strong reputation as a trusted partner with 30+ years of experience, offering unwavering attention to quality and delivering superior performance.   

Our mission is to provide qualified aerospace, defense and security equipment with integrated product support that meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations. We seek to become an efficient and attractive trading partner, dedicated to the highest standards of professional performance, ethics and integrity.

We have always maintained “you can’t sell it if you can’t support it.”
Fortunately for our clients, AMS Group can do both!

The AMS Group operates two divisions, the Technology Division and the Logistics Division. AMS also has extensive experience with the establishment and operation of US-based Joint Ventures, working with both medium and large European companies as they seek to expand their US market presence; offering a broad range of innovative products and services, both as stand-alone equipment and integrated systems. Historically, the company has worked successfully with foreign OEM’s seeking to gain access to the US Department of Defense and other Federal agencies.  This has necessitated the development of bespoke solutions, recognizing that acceptance of any new technology or equipment from an overseas supplier is dependent on the OEM’s ability to meet the U.S. customer’s demanding specifications both at time of initial equipment selection and also during the duration of the equipment’s in-service life.

AMS Group Focus

The Technology Division provides marketing, sales and system integration services for a broad range of technologies.  AMS Group companies represent, partner and distribute for OEM’s operating within the defense and security markets.

AMS’ Award-winning Logistics Division offers full-spectrum lifecycle support, including supply chain management, parts distribution, obsolescence management, overhaul and repair, and engineering support for land, marine and aerospace platforms. AMS Groups unique, supply chain business intelligence platform has proven its ability to provide analytic services and enhance the value chain.