Allied Marine Services was formed in 1983 with the express purpose of acting as a sales representative for British naval technology OEM’s who wanted to offer their products and services to the US Navy and US Coast Guard.  Despite some early success it soon became apparent that the development of a long-term, viable presence in the market would depend on the OEM’s ability to meet the unique demands of the US customer, whether this involved complying with US MIL-STD’s for shock and vibration or supplying “fully-levelized” technical manuals and repair standards. It was not enough to have a good product at a competitive price; the offered equipment also had to be accepted as a “standard” product, equivalent to its domestic competitors. Understandably, the Department of Defense expected the foreign entity to comply with the full set of applicable standards and specifications if the OEM wanted to secure meaningful business.  This required a level of commitment and focus that was most readily obtained by the formation of dedicated US-based entities, each addressing technology verticals within the broader defense market.  

Starting in the early 1990’s, the company established a number of separate entities, each operating as a joint venture, partnered with overseas clients, where each of these companies has focused on a particular technology or market sector. However all of these companies benefitted from certain common services or functions, e.g. DCAA approved accounting systems, thereby reducing the overhead burden on any one company. The use of shared resources and back office services allowed each of the entities to maintain a competitive position in the market, while ensuring that the product or service offered is fully compliant with the customer’s requirements. 

Following the successful divestiture of several JV companies, the company focused on the development of wholly owned subsidiaries, each still focused on a particular technology or market segment and each operating entity still benefitting from access to a comprehensive range of shared resources.  In 2004, the company was reorganized with each company operating as a subsidiary of the AMS Group.  This was followed by a series of acquisitions, starting in 2005 with Environmental Systems Inc. More recently AMS Group has acquired Allied Defense Industries, Inc. (2012) and Aero International, Inc. (2014). 

Historically AMS Group companies have established an excellent reputation in the sales and marketing of equipment and services to the US Navy and Coast Guard, where Allied Marine Services has been active since its inception.  Since 2004, the AMS Group has broadened its activities and offerings to other service elements within the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.  The company now works routinely with all branches of the military and actively promotes and supports a broad array of land and air systems, in addition to its traditional naval customers. 

AMS Group provides product sales and marketing services to a range of US and overseas clients. Our services include identification of market opportunities, provision of market assessment studies, monitoring and identification of applicable government and industry procedures and regulations and status of key personnel, as well as the active promotion and sale of products and services to our military and commercial customers.

AMS Group Support Services

Market Evaluation:

  • Identification of market opportunities 
  • Competition assessment 
  • Evaluation of market characteristics 
  • Preparation and implementation of marketing plans 
  • Monitoring of US Government programs and commercial opportunities 
  • Identification of applicable Government procedures and regulations 
  • Contact and relationship with key decision makers 

Tender Preparation: 

  • Preparation of technical, commercial and management tenders 
  • Red / Pink Team review

Contract Management Services: 

  • Full contract management 
  • Design and application engineering assistance 
  • Preparation of full technical documentation and ILS requirements 
  • Shipping, customs clearance, exchange risk management 
  • Quality Control 
  • Environmental testing, e.g. MIL-S-901D  

Through Life Support – Logistics Support: 

  • Spares provisioning 
  • Depot level repairs
  • Trained service engineer support 
  • Installation and training assistance 
  • Maintenance contracts