The AMS Group Technology Division represents, partners and distributes for OEM’s operating within the defense and security markets. The AMS Group Technology Division is comprised of four individual companies offering a comprehensive approach to sales and market development, system design, integration, installation and support.

Technology Group Focus


Allied Marine Services, Inc. provides sales and marketing assistance to commercial marine and naval equipment OEM’s:

  • Foreign technology transfer
  • Sales consulting;
    • Business opportunity development
    • DoD and DHS customer liaison and interface
    • Market opportunity research
  • Integrated system design of marine and naval systems
  • US source development and trade compliance (ITAR)

Northern Defense Industries provides integrated security solutions for maritime, energy and critical infrastructure applications:

  • Specialist in system design, integration, testing and support
  • Technology agnostic - ‘Best of Breed’ sensor integration
  • Design and develop systems for air, land, sea and subsea surveillance and interdiction
  • Extensive experience both in the US and overseas
  • Operates in permissive, semi-permissive and austere coastal and littoral environments
  • Through life system support and maintenance
  • Remote and onsite technical assistance/troubleshooting

H-Scientific H-Scientific, Inc. develops innovative technology for air, surface and subsurface environments:

  • Autopilot Technology;
    • Autonomous Unmanned Vessels
    • Unmanned Undersea Vehicles
    • Unmanned Surface Vessels
    • Unmanned Aerostat Systems
  • Dynamic Simulation;
    • Ship simulation
    • Surface, air and subsurface
    • Modeling and design
    • Training Systems
  • Navigational Instruments and Telemetry

New Base Power, Inc. provides energy efficient solutions:

  • Energy and lighting design audits
  • Lighting design and engineering
  • Energy assessment and feasibility studies
  • Installation and integration of LED lighting systems
  • Smart grid planning